Terms of Service

FAME Executive Aviation handling at Vienna Airport VIP Terminal


1. General Provisions
1.1. FAME Executive Aviation GmbH – hereinafter referred to as “FAME Aviation“ – offers comprehensive business aviation ground handling services to business and/or private air passengers at Vienna International Airport (hereinafter briefly referred to as “vie”). A detailed description of the services offered by FAME Aviation is available on the Internet at www.fame-executive-aviation.com or personally from the FAME Aviation vie-office.

The services offered to our customers include amongst others:

1.2. The present Terms and Conditions apply to all services listed above. Any deviating terms and conditions of the customer shall not be valid.

1.3. The services offered by FAME Aviation are generally available day and night, during the airport operating hours. However, a difference is made between normal operating hours and those outside of normal operating hours. Normal operating hours are Monday to Friday from 6:00 to 22:00 o’clock (local time).

1.4. In case a customer wishes to contract services from FAME Aviation which are not contained in the service specifications, this has to be arranged separately with FAME Aviation. Any costs incurred for such services shall be settled separately by the customer.

1.5. According to EU directive 1107/2006, passengers with reduced mobility are entitled to appropriate assistance at no extra cost. These services have to be provided by the respective airline or the tour operator. Upon request, FAME Aviation provides assistance to people with reduced mobility according to the service specifications and fees applicable at the time. FAME Aviation, however, cannot provide assistance to people with serious medical conditions (even with medical assistance). This does not affect any air traffic and crew services. In any case, FAME Aviation has to be informed in due time about any passengers with reduced mobility.

1.6. Making use of the services offered by FAME Aviation does not liberate the passengers from any legally required measures such as flight security, passport and customs checks. In case the customer holds any official exemption, this has to be communicated to FAME Aviation in due time.

1.7. As a matter of principle, the customer does not have any basic right to claim aircraft handling by FAME Aviation. This especially applies when force majeure, strikes or bad weather conditions make aircraft handling impossible.

2. Conclusion of contract / Changes to the contract
2.1. Any bookings of FAME Aviation services shall be made in writing (booking form, telefax, e-mail, mobile phone) at least 24 hours before the flight (or flights) and shall contain all necessary details and specifications. The contact details of FAME Aviation Handling Services, which are continuously available, are: Mobile: +43 660 700 55 07 Telefax: +43 1 53 707 99 E-mail: info@fame-executive-aviation.com

2.2 The contract becomes binding when FAME Aviation sends an acknowledgement of order to the customer. The acknowledgement is typically sent by telefax or e-mail, or exceptionally - if necessary - by SMS. The customer has to check the details and has to inform FAME Aviation in due time in case of any misunderstandings.

2.3 In general, any changes that affect the contract (arrival and departure times, number of people or similar) have to be communicated to FAME Aviation in due time. These changes become binding for FAME Aviation only after a newly issued acknowledgement has been sent to the customer.

3. Cancellation of services / No-show
3.1 Any aircraft handling services which have already been booked and/or acknowledged can be cancelled free of charge until 24 hours before the handling event. Any cancellations shall be made in writing, i.e. by telefax or e-mail. The following restrictions exist with regard to cancellations: In case of any short-term cancellations (less than 6 hours) of aircraft handling services scheduled outside of the normal operating hours, the night/weekend surcharge according to our price list is charged. The price list is sent to the customer upon request. In case any costs associated with the cancellation are incurred for services provided by any third party, these are charged to the customer, plus the surcharge quoted in the price list.

4. Terms of payment
4.1 The costs incurred for aircraft handling by FAME Aviation can be settled by the customer upon receipt of invoice, per credit card or cash. FAME Aviation, however, reserves the right to insist on settlement per valid credit card, especially when dealing with new customers. In case any services provided by a third party provider have to be booked in advance, an immediate credit card authorization is necessary even before the handling event.

4.2 The “General Terms of Payment of FAME Aviation“, to be consulted on the Internet website www.fame-executive-aviation.com apply to all payment transactions.

5. Liability
5.1 FAME Aviation is not liable for any damage to persons or property, except if it is proved that the damage was caused deliberately or due to gross negligence by FAME Aviation.

5.2 In cases of injury to life and limb, FAME Aviation shall be liable in compliance with the applicable legal provisions. FAME Aviation shall not be liable in any way in case an aircraft handling event is prevented by force majeure (e.g. strikes, bad weather conditions etc.), official measures or other reasons, i.e. any incidents which are not in the sphere of influence of FAME Aviation.

Effective from 1st October 2011

FAME Executive Aviation GmbH